3 Cutting Edge Drill Customize

1. 3 Cutting Edge Drill’s diameter from 0.04mm to 1.35mm, each 0.001mm a specification.
2. The products made by high precise CNC machine are high quality and precision.
3. High drilling quality, smooth hole wall and good roundness. 3-flutes at 120° to each other, so that it is able to stabilize feeding when drill cuts.
4. It is suitable for hard and brittle materials, such as engineering plastic, copper alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, high carbon steel, and so on.

※ Cutting Length L (mm) = 15 Ø (15 Times Cutting Diameter).
※ 0.02~0.03 Drill bits is Single Cutter. Provide each 1 um (0.001 mm) a specification.
※ Customize Micro Drill’s cutter length (L1), neck length (L2), neck diameter (Ø 2) and point angle (θ) for your request.
Please call for further information.

Input Specification

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